Tried and True Classic Acne Products: Top Acne Treatments that Have Stood the Test of Time

Tried and True Classic Acne Products

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With many new acne remedies on the market promising clear skin, it is easy to forget about time-tested products that have helped cure acne for years. Brands like Noxzema, Clearasil, Stridex and Queen Helene have stocked the shelves of drug stores for years and their products still bring relief to acne sufferers.

Best Classic Acne Treatments to Clean Skin

Cleansing the skin is the first step to preventing blemishes and Noxzema’s cleansing cream has been removing dirt and oil from faces since the 1920s.

Noxzema uses eucalyptus, camphor and menthol to create a tingling feeling when it is applied to skin. The product can be used to clean skin, remove makeup and condition skin to prevent excessive drying. It can also be used as a shaving cream.

Noxzema cleansing cream is packaged in a distinctive small blue tub, but it can also be purchased in a pump container. It can be found at most grocery and drug stores.

Stridex cleansing pads help to clean skin even more thoroughly than a normal cleanser. The pads are used after washing the face. When swiped across the surface of skin, the pads help to remove excess oil and dry out blemishes.

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Stridex pads work by dispensing salicylic acid to pores. Salicylic acid works to eliminate oils and bacteria that cause pimples. The pads also contain vitamins A, C and E that help to condition skin. Stridex pads are also alcohol-free which helps to prevent excess drying of the face.

Stridex pads come packaged in a blue box containing a small tub of medicated pads. They can be purchased at most drug stores.

Established Pimple Cures and Acne Solutions

After cleansing the skin, acne spot treatments and spa products can help to eliminate pimples and blackheads.

Queen Helene Mud Pack and Mint Julep Masques have been used since 1930 to extract impurities from pores in skin. The masque is used once a week to shrink pores and correct oily skin.

The masques are made up of kaolin clay, which is a natural ingredient that helps to dry oily skin and pull bacteria out of pores. The kaolin clay is extremely effective for clearing up blackheads.

Queen Helene masques can be applied after cleansing the face. While the face is still wet, the masque should be lightly spread onto the face. The clay should then be allowed to fully dry before washing the masque from the face.

Clearasil vanishing cream is another product that helps to cure acne by delivering a concentrated dose of medicine directly to zits. The vanishing cream can be applied topically to any problem areas to dry up blemishes and eliminate excess oils and bacteria.

The active ingredient benzoyl peroxide works to treat acne by eradicating oil and drying out pimples. The cream can be applied by hand to affected areas up to three times daily to quickly shrink zits and cure acne.

Both Queen Helene and Clearasil products can be found at most drug stores. Queen Helene masques come in tubes and Clearasil cream is packaged in a small box that holds a small tube of the spot treatment.

Use Proven Acne Solutions

The products above have helped generations of people to get rid of acne. These products have been tested throughout the years and still provide an economical solution to acne. Today acne-sufferers can use any of the products together or alone to see less pimples and improved skin clarity.

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Giant Squid Facts – Freaky Information about Giant Squids

Giant Squid

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Way back in the ancient times, naturalists and philosophers have always been fascinated and puzzled over the enigma of deep sea. This is the time when giant squids come in. Needless to say, there is still a ton of information not known about the said creature. It will be interesting enough to realize these various giant squid facts. This will do a lot most especially if it is present for the last couple of decades.

Basic information about Giant Squid

The said squid has giant eyes. Yes they are huge too that they can have the same size of Frisbees. Just across, it may measure for 10.5 inches. What is even weird is the fact that there is a lack of jelly substance in its eyes. This occurs as it is always filled with a great ton of water. This is going to leak as the invertebrate loses its life. This is how it makes a difference. The eyes of it will collapse like that of a plastic bag. Apart from the mentioned, females may also be bigger than that of males. This is another. On the average though, females maybe as twice larger than the potential males. It may even be 10 feet longer.

giant-squid-closeup.ngsversion.1411589806318.jpg (1600×900)

There is a great possibility for the creatures to leave battle scars which have always been ugly. They usually wary whenever there are sperm whales around the place. The marine mammals are most likely going to gobble them up. This will happen in a masse. After that, the squid would then retaliate. This is going to occur as it inflicts circular and large wounds. These would always take place courtesy rings around the squid. These rings are often serrated.

What is the maximum length of the squid? It can reach for about forty-feet. This is known to be its maximum length actually. This is an available evidence that many would definitely agree. There is a tenfold of reviews saying that they may even go for about 60 to 50 footers. However, even if there are claims like that, there is no verification for it yet. This is how different it is.

Instead of having a proper tongue, radula is what they usually have. Its organ will usually rest inside the breaks. This also covered with that of denticles. These are of seven rows actually. There can be toothy, sharp protrusions. All of these are pointing backwards.

It cannot be denied that the specie is popular on its own. There were times when others would like to believe that they come in variations. However, according to a genetic analysis which was performed in the year 2013, most researchers found out that the species of the genus were shallow. This was dubbed to be bizarre since then.

What is even more mind blowing is that they have tentacles which have the capacity to regenerate on their own. This was proven from a squid coming in Canada. This may be different in width and length. This was the size of most of the pattern of it.

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Saguaro Cactus Facts – Interesting Information

saguaro cactus

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If there is one recognizable cactus in the world, saguaros will definitely be a part of the list. Basically, this is featured in most western movies around. These also come with their distinct shape. This is why it would not be that hard for them to be recognized. There is a ton of saguaro cactus facts all over the place. It will definitely help to have it checked one by one. What other information you ought to know about saguaro cactus? Have the below mentioned consider.

More about saguaro cactus

Usually, saguaro cactuses grow in the small part of Arizona. This is situated directly towards the Soronan desert. This is considered to be a large cactus which is found all over the world. Even if these saguaros are perceived to be awe-spring, there are times when they can be a total mean streak too. This was claimed based on local lore.

For example, there was a man from Phoenix who had a bad day already. With this, he decided to pull into the driveway. As he did that, he brushed across saguaro. This was situated in the front part of his yard. He then returned to his house for the gun. The frustration he had was basically taken out on the plant. He made it his target for he felt the need to empty the chamber of his bullet.

Saguaro-Cactus-Laws-In-Arizona-e1443505839153.jpg (600×450)

As a mean to defend himself, the saguaro suddenly toppled unto him. This was the reason why he crushed under the weight of it. It was not surprising anymore because such comes with a tenfold of water stored in it, most especially in a lot of its branches.

In average estimation, it is claimed that saguaros can stay alive for 150 to even 200 years. There is a record held here and it has been dubbed that a giant saguaro comes with 50 arms. This is presented in the Saguaro National Monument. In Arizona, the flower of the mentioned cactus is perceived to be its state flower. The stem of it on the other hand can be measured for around 18 to even 24 inches. The cactus comes with holes. These holes are usually being cut out by birds around. There are Native Americans out there who use such to contain waters. As for their roots, they are just 4 to 6 inch deep. If there is one root that goes under its ground, and then it is 2 feet deep.

The arms of the cactus will only grow when it is already 70 years old. The mentioned flower also goes with powerful fragrances. During night, it will definitely open up. At day, it will suddenly close. The flower would appear on the saguaro too. This is going to take place as the cactus reaches 35 years old. The cactus from then will always be dubbed as an adult only when it reaches 125 years old. On the face of the planet, saguaro is known for being one of the heaviest plants there is. A big part of it is made out of water.

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Meet and Greet Happy Birthday!

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Every 5-year-old knows it. It is the most often sung song in the English. In fact, “Happy Birthday” has actually been mentioned by the Guinness Book of World Records as the most acknowledged English song.

Yet, throughout the ensuing years, it’s been under copyright command to the befuddlement of a lot of who don’t know exactly how something authored such a long time ago still warrants a license cost whenever it is openly done. Yes, the copyright term is long, but not that long. Am I right?

happy Birthday

It has actually been used in 143 movies, equated in to at the very least 18 languages and made use of in ads to sell every little thing.

In some Commonwealth nations, “Happy Birthday” has actually been performed, it is typical for among the visitors to readily lead with “Hip hip …” then for every one of the various other visitors to participate and state “… hooray!” This is typically done three times.

So come on! Let’s greet your loved one’s a happy birthday!

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