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Jennifer Lawrence is one of the A-listers in Hollywood today. She has starred in numerous blockbusters and has been invited to so many red carpet and awards shows. That means she always gets the chance to wear some of the best wardrobes of renowned designers in the world. Unfortunately, with all the events that she goes to, the actress has fallen victim to notoriously embarrassing clothing disasters. Here are some of the most embarrassing Jennifer Lawrence wardrobe malfunctions.

The photo on the left shows how the dress looks. As Lawrence made her way to the stairs, the bottom part of her dress fell exposing her beautiful legs.

This black and white ensemble makes Lawrence look fully covered from the front. It offers a different view from the side however.

The maroon dress looked so good on the actress. The low cut dress was sexy and elegant. However, when she bent down, it showed a little bit too much.

This is how the maroon dress looked with Lawrence standing straight. The problem was when she bent down and some people got a view of her chest.

While attending the premiere of her hit movie The Hunger Games: Mockingbird, Lawrence came in a white dress that was cut way below the cleavage area.

Needless to say the dangerously low cut of the dress lead to another embarrassing Jennifer Lawrence wardrobe malfunction. Again, it was her breasts that were victimized.

That same night, Lawrence accidentally flashed her left boob that paparazzis took snaps of. Photographers had a hay day with it and it made news.

It seems that Lawrence felt that wearing a black shirt would not leave her exposed. Under the bright lights of Hollywood, everything gets exposed.

On Oscar night, Jennifer was awarded as best actress. On her way up to receive her trophy, she tripped on her white gown, which made her feel embarrassed.

The danger of wearing a bustier dress is that it can fall off anytime. The photos show that even the well-endowed Lawrence suffered from it.