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Jim Crow laws are known as laws which are observed in the race at the South. These are responsible in the segregation of black and white people. These are applied in public places including public places such as restrooms, schools, restaurants and transportation. Black people also find it hard to cast vote. All of these are meant to be given attention. This would also be reflective on various Jim Crow law facts.

The Reinforcement

The said law was reinforcement during the Reconstruction. This was refer to the period which was experienced right after that of the Civil War. This Reconstruction refers to the time when the federal government took control of the south. However, right after the said period, the control was again given to the state governments. Needless to say, the laws were realized in the 1800s. This continued until in the 1900s. A lot of them were actually enforced as stipulated in the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

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Why the law is called Jim Crow though? This name originated from a song in the 1832. This was an African-American character. The song coined Jim Crow because it was always utilized to refer to that of African-Americans. After a while, the segregation law was called the Jim Crow laws.

As mentioned, the laws were established so that the black and white people can be separated. This touched a tenfold of aspects comprising the society. There are examples that may show how it is in different states. For instance, in Alabama. There should be separate waiting rooms, tickets and windows for a lot of passenger stations. When it comes to Georgia, officers are not allowed to bury colored people on the ground which was meant for white people. As for Florida, there are separate classes conducted for white and black children. Last but not the least, for Mississippi, most prison wardens are made responsible in the separation of apartments of white and black. The same also goes for their sleeping and eating.

Other separations also exist. For voting, there were times when black were not allowed to do such. This also includes reading tests and poll taxes that most people are expected to pass prior to them casting their vote.

Grandfather Clauses

White people are expected to vote. In order to make sure that this occurs, grandfather clauses are then enacted. The laws pertain that if ancestors vote before that of the Civil War, then there was no longer a need for the reading test to be passed. This gave white people who do not know how to read the opportunity to vote. This is where the idea of grandfather originates from.

The Civil War lead to the existence of the Black Codes. The southern states were also created this way. This kind of law was said to be way harsher than that of the Jim Crow laws. Slavery was maintained in here most especially in the south. This also disable black people to go away from their current jobs.